Premier Club Newsletter & RuneScape 3

30 Mar

Premier Club Newsletter

Everyone who bought the Premier Club Gold Package will recieve a quarterly newsletter from RuneScape containing offers and information around the game. Now the first quarter has almost passed and I received my newsletter just as promised! Although it wasn’t as large as I expected, it contained some interesting news about updates coming in the near future (probably in the next few months or so)! Here are the updates that we’re mentioned in this newsletter;

– Off-hand weapons, throwing weapons and additional mage gear in Dungeoneering
– A new reward from Dungeoneering that collects charms for you outside Daemonheim (costing a 100K tokens!)
– God Wars dungeon becoming an instanced area so you won’t have to world hop there ever again
– A brand new ‘hard mode’ for the boss fights in the God Wars dungeon
– A stack of refinements for the Evolution of Combat, containing more consistent hit chances, balanced gear scaling through combat levels, added influence for combat levels/potions/prayer to combat effectiveness
– New offence-orientated armour
– An overhaul of Charm Sprites for more Hunter XP and more accesible Summoning charms
– Graphical, gameplay and functionality improvements to Castle Wars
– Graphical, gameplay and functionality improvements to the Dual Arena

In my opinion there are some really good updates among these!


RuneScape 3

So, as most of you know RuneScape 3 will be coming this summer. But what exactly does this mean?

The most important change will be that Runescape’s moving on to HTML5 instead of Java which it’s currently running on. But why should they do that? HTML5 allows the developers of RuneScape to do more things with the game then that Java would allow them to do; and as a whole it will create a better gaming experience for the gamer himself. Some major improvements to the game will be;

– No more ‘loading boundary’ lag
– Extended draw distance
– High-fidelity graphics (has to do with the physically-based lightning of areas)
– High-fidelity sounds (music will be orchestrated)
– Customizable user interface
– Skyboxes with weather effects
– The game will make better use of your computers hardware
– Richer colour-scheme
– More flexible camera usage

Some additional updates coming with RuneScape 3 will be;

– A new community website
– Expanded highscores

To me, all this sounds VERY interesting. So I’m excited for what’s to come..!

RuneScape 3 Screenshots:

Burthorpe (RuneScape 3)

Taverly (RuneScape 3)


Spirit Tree (RuneScape 3)

Polypore Dungeon (RuneScape 3)

Slayer Tower (RuneScape 3)

Dominion Tower (RuneScape 3)

Citharede Abbey (RuneScape 3)



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